Vivadent Ivoclar IPS e.max CAD CEREC Blocks InLab 5/Pk

Vivadent Ivoclar IPS e.max CAD CEREC Blocks InLab 5/Pk

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IPS e.max CAD is a system of lithium disilicate glass-ceramic blocks for CAD/CAM dental restorations using CEREC® and inLab® systems.

  • Final strength of 360 MPa
  • Composite glass-ceramic blocks (lithium disilicate) used for ceramic tooth restorations including veneers, inlays, partial crowns and crowns
  • Blue color, delivered in precrystallized form that is ideal for milling; after milling, crystallized in a standard porcelain oven
  • Particularly suitable for the fabrication of partial crowns and single crowns using the cut-back and staining technique
  • Lifelike esthetic appearance can be maximized with final layering with IPS e.max® Ceram Essence and Ceram Shade materials
  • Highly esthetic while offering 360 MPa of strength

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