Voco 2070 UFI Gel P Permanent Soft Relining Material Set Tube

Voco 2070 UFI Gel P Permanent Soft Relining Material Set Tube

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Ufi Gel P Permanent soft A-silicone relining material in tubes Indications Permanent soft relining material for full and partial dentures Treatment of pressure spots Improvement of fit and hold Cushioning of sharp alveolar processes Relining in implantology Re-adaptation of dentures Advantages > Top quality relining silicone > Complete relining in one single session (chairside) > Special adhesive for extreme bonding of silicone to denture > User-friendly and economical > Biocompatible (methacrylate-free) > Neutral odour and taste > Stable, aesthetic colour with chameleon effect > Laboratory use: fewer steps than with other cold-cured materials > For all PMMA based dentures > Easy and fast application of direct and indirect relining > Excellent adaptation to fine details for a precise fit of the denture > Resistant against standard denture cleansers REF 2070 set base 50 ml, catalyst 50 ml, glazing base 10 ml, glazing catalyst 10 ml, adhesive 10 ml, accessories

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